Andrew Cohen, Esq.

Estate Planning Attorney

Phone: (661) 481-0100


Estate planning is a highly personal process.  We discuss life, children, wealth, assets, the present and the future.  Your legacy for your family and loved ones.  In my role at Prosperitas and as an estate planning attorney, I’m able to discuss, guide and recommend multiple aspects of the estate planning process.  Sometimes it’s straightforward.  Other times, there are more complex matters and family relationships to navigate.  Collectively, we cover a variety of issues and help our clients create a plan for themselves and a legacy that reflects their values and accomplishes their goals.  Being part of this process, bringing it all together, especially for clients who in the beginning may be unsure of what trust and estate planning involves, is highly rewarding.


I’m a licensed attorney focusing on estate and trust planning.  I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with both a law degree and an MBA in finance.  I’ve been fortunate to run my own office for more than ten years after having worked several years in for a highly respected Los Angeles firm.


I’m a husband, father of three children, music fan, amateur bass guitar player, and fantasy football champion.  I like to grill the occasional burger, and spend time by the ocean and pool.  We live in Santa Clarita with our two Australian shepherds, Ridley and Luna.  I’m from Philadelphia and remain a fan of the Eagles, Flyers and delicious cheesesteaks.