Asset Management

Traditionally, asset management firms have focused all of their attention on the assets they manage in their portfolios.  At Prosperitas Financial, we have a much broader view of asset management.  Not only are we focused on proper management of the investments we manage for you, we are also very cognizant of the fact that all of your assets will have a significant impact on your financial success.  Therefore, we include all of your assets in our definition of asset management.  Examples include your business or businesses you are invested in, precious metals, vintage automobiles, art, and real estate holdings.

Investment Analysis

The Prosperitas Investment Committee manages a series of portfolios consisting of everything from diversified ETF and mutual fund strategies, individual stock and fixed income portfolios, tax managed strategies, as well as a series of socially responsible portfolios.  In addition, the Committee performs due diligence on third-party investment strategies and alternative investments.  The Committee also provides research on equity and fixed income securities, sector specific research, as well as an outlook on the global economy.


With a myriad of investment options to choose from, we help clients simplify the process by focusing on only the investments that best serve their interests and objectives.  At Prosperitas Financial, we have a broad range of investment options and portfolio strategies to choose from which allows us to tailor a client’s investment strategy to match their goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk.

Qualified Retirement Plans

Often the largest percentage of a client’s investable assets, qualified retirement plans are often mismanaged or overlooked.  Our goal is the help clients better understand what types of retirement plans are available to them and make sure they are managing it properly and utilizing the plan to its fullest potential.

And for business owners, our Qualified Retirement Plans Specialists and our team of advisors work together to assist clients with navigating the plethora of options available for their company’s retirement plan to make sure the plan is ideal for the business owner as well as their employees and that the plan is managed properly.