Eric Abrahamian


Phone: (661) 255-9555 ext. 135 


Born and raised in Santa Clarita, California, Eric’s academic journey led him to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he pursued his bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Law with a particular emphasis in economic policy.

Upon graduating from UCSB, Eric embarked on his career in the financial industry, joining Prosperitas Financial as an analyst. Prior to this role, Eric was brought on as a summer intern with the company during which he earned his Series 65 license.

Eric’s passion for investment management comes from his father who introduced him to the stock market at a very young age. With a relentless pursuit to become successful in this field, Eric has dedicated himself to extensively studying the investment philosophies of some of the world’s greatest investors. Some of these investors include Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Howard Marks, Seth Klarman, Li Lu, Bill Ackman, Ray Dalio, and of course, Warren Buffet. Drawing inspiration from their timeless principles of value investing and rational decision-making, Eric applies their teachings to his own investment strategy.

In his spare time, Eric enjoys going to the gym with his brother and exploring the outdoors. He values spending time with family and friends, cherishing moments of connection and shared experiences.

As he continues to advance in his career and pursue his interests, Eric Abrahamian remains dedicated to making a positive impact in both the financial world and his community, guided by his principles of transparency, integrity, and service.


Securities – Series 65