Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan provides a holistic view of your current situation and provides a plan of action for the future, uniquely tailored and specific to your dreams and objectives, with distinct and measureable goals.

Plan for Retirement

Retirement Planning

The creation of a road map that details the steps necessary to prepare for the retirement lifestyle you desire. More than a plan based solely on your age and risk tolerance, we take into account your unique circumstances and objectives to create a plan that is tailor-made for you. While our focus is on planning for financial freedom during retirement, we also take into account the non-financial aspects of retirement. This includes lifestyle choices such as how you will spend your time during retirement, where you will live, when to officially quit working, etc. This is about more than money; this is about your goals and dreams for the golden years.

College Planning

The thought of what it may cost to send your child to college can be very scary.  However, ignoring it and trying to deal with it when your child receives their acceptance letter can be even scarier and much more difficult on you and your high school graduate. At Prosperitas Financial, we help our clients by estimating the potential, future cost of higher education, designing a savings plan that best fits their budget, and sorting through the myriad of investments and accounts that are available to save for college in order to come up with the best solution for them, and their child’s, unique circumstances.

Mention college savings and we are almost certain someone will mention a Section 529 Plan.  While these can be great investment vehicle for college savings, they are not right for everyone.  With a comprehensive view of our client’s financial picture, we are able to assist them in picking out the right college savings account.  Whether it be a 529, Coverdell ESA, Roth IRA, UGMA/UTMA, Cash Value Life Insurance, U.S. Savings Bonds, a taxable brokerage account, or conventional savings, we want our clients to make informed decision on where to invest their college savings money and how that may impact them, their children, their ability to qualify for financial aid, and their taxes.

In addition, our professional college guidance counselor works with our clients to help them pick the right school for their student based on their educational and career goals for the future, as well as their budget.  Our college guidance counselor also works with them to better understand what scholarships and grants may be available, as well as walking them through the process of applying and attempting to qualify for financial aid.

Tax Planning

This often-misunderstood area of planning can be one of the most effective paths to preserving wealth. Tax planning strategies are used to minimize or completely eliminate one of the three big taxes… income, estate, and capital gains.  At Prosperitas Financial, we work with our CPAs and tax attorneys to diligently look for ways to reduce or eliminate tax liability for our clients.  This can be accomplished in many ways, if planned for properly.  Creating tax deductions through investment savings, harvesting losses from an investment portfolio, creating a tax efficient investment strategy, managing taxable income and social security income during retirement years, maximizing tax deductions for business owners, using donar-advised funds or charitable remainder trusts to donate money to charity, and gifting strategies to pass wealth on to future generations are just a few of the many ways to manage tax liability.

Trust & Estate Planning

Sometimes referred to as legacy planning, this is about more than how much money you will pass on to your heirs. This is about leaving your mark on the world long after you have left it. During the estate planning process, we will discuss your goals for your wealth past your life making sure you have a clear understanding of the opportunities and options available to you, while also minimizing potential tax liability, costly litigation, or worse, fighting amongst your heirs.  Working with our Estate Planning Attorney, we will help you create a plan that meets your desired objectives.  This will include a plan for the distribution of wealth to your heirs that can be done all at once, over time, or through multiple generations. In addition, if you desire to support a cause you care about, we can discuss the benefits of this as an estate planning strategy and show you how giving a gift to charity can also be beneficial to you and your estate. And while it is not all about how much money you will pass on to future generations, it is still a primary focus of the estate planning process.  A properly structured estate plan should ensure that a lifetime of hard work and diligent saving does not go to paying for taxes.  During the estate planning process, we are always looking for ways to minimize, replace or, possibly, eliminate estate taxes when transferring wealth to your heirs.

Business Consulting and Succession Planning

As business owners ourselves, we know the countless hours, late nights, time away from your family, the highs, lows, the blood, sweat, and the tears a business owner pours into their dream.  We also know that no business owners should have to do it all alone.  That is why we started our business consulting services.  Our business consulting specialists work with our clients to set goals, plan for the unknown, and monitor their progress every step of the way.  We can assist with entity creation, financial projections, tax planning, corporate benefits, and risk mitigation.  Like everything else at Prosperitas Financial, our goal is to help you achieve yours and we know that for a business owner, the success of your business is one of the biggest goals you have.  And after you spend what feels, and maybe is, a lifetime building your dream business, we can help you plan for succession, either to a worthy buyer or to your heirs who can carry on your legacy.