Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an amazing product that is used to take care of your loved ones in the event or a premature death or at the end of your life.   There are many uses of life insurance, and there  are many different types of insurance plans available.

  • Final Expenses

  • Paying Off Debt

  • Income Replacement

  • Inheritance

  • Estate Tax Funding

  • Charitable Contributions

  • Business COLI

At Prosperitas, we can help you find the right plan that fits your needs and wants.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance takes care of you in the event you were to need Home Health Care, Custodial Care and Nursing Home.   Statistically, two out of three people over the age of 65 will need Long Term Care coverage for an extended period of time.   If you have assets to Protect, LTC could be a great vehicle to protect those assets from the high cost of care.

  • Assisted Living

  • Home Health Care

  • Nursing Home Care

There are many great options when looking at LTC and there are some great plans where you can get your money back or never lose the money you put in.

Disability Insurance

Income sustainability is key to the creation of wealth, yet future career earnings are an often overlooked asset class on the balance sheet. Disability insurance reduces exposure to a loss of business or personal income, and ensures financial goals are met regardless of accidents or illnesses along the way.

  • Group Long-Term Disability

  • Individual Disability Insurance

  • High-Limit Disability Insurance

  • Business Overhead Expense

  • Key Person Disability Insurance

  • Buy/Sell Disability Insurance

Prosperitas’ Disability Insurance experts ensure the proper coverage is reviewed, whether individually-owned or through an employer sponsored plan.