Jennifer C. Brown

Financial Advisor

Phone: (661) 255-9555 
Fax: (661) 270-2665

Jennifer BrownBiography

Jennifer received a Bachelor of Arts degree at University of South Florida in Tampa. She spent 9 years on the charitable executive committee for Run for Her, which helped raise funding and awareness for ovarian cancer. After successfully creating a financially sound charitable organization, Cedar Sinai Hospital took over the reins of Run for Her. 

She has also created patent pending financial technology to make it easier for clients to use their investments to purchase items by using a payment card or payment method.  This streamlines the process for immediate use of securities to pay college expenses, retirement funding and client needs.

Brown Investment Management was designed to be a small boutique firm to cater to her client’s needs and goals. The company has fiduciary responsibilities to each individual client.  Although Brown Investment Management is bound by rules and regulations, they are more agile when it comes to investing with each individual in mind rather than an age-based design, so commonly seen.

Jennifer is happy to say that joining Prosperitas Financial, allows her to have the same boutique style firm. We share the same core goals, which is to help clients understand their full financial picture.  We lead them down a path that is designed to reach their goals and uncover new ones along the way. Her motto is in-line with Prosperitas Financial, which is making sure we reach as many people as possible and teach them to pay themselves first and remove the financial stress from their shoulders.

In her time away from the office, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include hiking and biking. Whether it is in her RV or crossing the globe, traveling is a passion of hers. She enjoys taking agility classes with her dog, Murphy. Her prior work experience in the entertainment industry lends to her love of movies and therefore, she is a member of Film Independent. Jennifer is proud to be a member and friend of the LGBT community.