Jordan D. Hubbs

Financial Advisor

Phone: (661) 255-9555 x114
Fax: (661) 270-2665


Money, finances, and investments can be complicated, daunting, and highly personal for people. Jordan has always been passionate about helping people manage and invest their money wisely. He believes that it is vitally important to plan for your future, but too many people don’t know where to start or aren’t receiving the support that they deserve. Jordan is passionate about building long-term relationships with his clients and enabling them to achieve their goals.

Jordan focuses on the entire picture, not just the investments, because they are only one piece. You need someone who will work with you throughout the many stages of your life to plan responsibly and adjust when goals and situations change, because as we all know, life happens. Jordan’s long-term and wholistic approach allows him to plan and adjust as needs and goals change and his commitment is to his client’s best best interests. Your future is important and Jordan firmly believes that.

Jordan is married to the love of his life, Courtney. He loves doing most things that are outside and can be usually found spending time with his wife, friends and family, at church, surfing, working out, or drinking too much coffee.