Mack Herrera

Financial Advisor

Phone: (661) 255-9555 ext. 108

About Mack

The only true responsibility of a financial advisor is an unwavering commitment to serving their client’s best interest. Mack Herrera is a recent graduate from the University of Santa Cruz, with two degrees: Business Management Economics and Philosophy. As a student of philosophy, Mack approaches each situation with the goal to discover and act on what he believes is the best course of action. Mack enjoys the process of logically deconstructing why something is the way it is, and acting on what is fundamentally the right thing to do moving forward.

Mack finds immense meaning in being of service to others, and with a keen interest in economics & finance, being a financial advisor is a dream job. Mack continuously offers himself to help his clients find the best possible way for them to achieve their financial goals through comprehensive financial planning. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact in his clients’ lives, Mack creates, reviews, and adjusts comprehensive financial plans tailored to each individual family he serves based on their specific goals and their unique economic circumstances.

Honesty, integrity, and care for the well-being of his clients, are why Mack strives to develop deep relationships with his clients that are lifelong and multigenerational.

If Mack isn’t in the office, he’s probably training. While chess is his favorite pastime, weightlifting and running have become habitual. Mack has run a half marathon in Honolulu, the 2022 San Francisco Marathon (26.2), and has a dream to complete a 100 Mile Ultra. If he’s not training, Mack is spending time with his family watching sports, eating food, or playing with their American Bulldog rescue, Spot.