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Rudy Herrera is the founder and CEO of College Assurity.  He graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Real Estate and a Minor in communications. He began his career in finance, worked for Pepsi Co. and Shearson Lehman before moving to Mortgage Banking Firm Countrywide. He then proceeded in representing high net-worth investors at Capital Gold (investing in precious metals).

Rudy began College Planning as a coach. Throughout his life Rudy coached various sports’ teams and in 2005 Rudy Founded a Club softball organization (10U-18gold) that helped close to 200 girls get recruited and achieve their dreams to attend a 4-year university on Athletic & Merit Scholarships.  The Softball Organization, is now run by Rudy’s closest friend, is still going strong, and has helped a multitude of student athletes. Establishing that organization motivated Rudy to further assist students by helping them realize their collegiate goals, and therefore he started College Assurity.

Rudy’s biggest inspiration in life are his four children, as well as every student (he speaks with? He encounters?) in the Santa Clarita Valley. Children are our future, and Rudy and his team of Counselors want the future to be as bright as possible. They love to instill integrity, values, and culture, and they treat young adults with respect to help them build character. Rudy and his staff never placate their students, and are always honest about the requirements and journey to get into an exceptional college. Failure, of course, is part of the process, as it is in life, but Rudy ensures his students know failure will not define their overall success and futures.  College planning can start as early as ninth grade, and it is never too late to plan for college—even for high school seniors.

College funding should also start early, as college is expensive, and saving enough money for every child in your family takes planning, planning, and more planning! Rudy would like to stress that just because a child has a 4.5 GPA, a SAT score of 1500, and some unimportant extra circular activities does not mean they will get into MIT, Stanford, etc. Duke turns away, on average, 600 valedictorians every year, because said individuals are not extraordinarily special, and that is where College Assurity comes in. They have taken students of all GPAs and walks of life and helped them gain admission to some of the best colleges in the world.

Rudy is the father of four children. His oldest is married with two children, and attended Utah Valley, where she played softball. His 24-year-old is currently training with recruiters to become a NAVY Seal. Rudy’s 22-year-old son recently purchased a home with his partner and is attending trade school, and Rudy’s youngest child, a 20-year-old, has a full ride to UC Santa Cruz. Rudy supports the local Non Profits (Soroptimist, Boys & Girls Club), and became a triathlete three years ago, when he completed a 70.3 IronMan course. He also enjoys cycling, and participated in a King of the Mountain race, where he cycled over 300 miles and climbed over 33,000 feet. The only children who reside with Rudy now are his fur-children, an American bulldog named Spot, and a Labrador Retriever named Skyy.